Worldmap Default


Anyone else much prefer the Worldmap to open up on Woodbury rather than Washington DC as it’s default, given that its where farming runs take place???


Yeah, it’s a very minor but annoying thing haha.


Yeah, why the hell did they change the way it worked before anyway. Now everytime you have to go through both areas, before it remembered which part you are on.


I agree. Not game breaking, but pretty annoying.

@CombatMan any way we can get it changed back?

The world map used to remember the last stage we farmed and open to that world map page. (To switch between pages we have to go to the side of the screen and click To Woodbury, or To Washington DC)

Now it just opens on the second page (Washington DC) of the word map every time. Kind of annoying since a lot of folks farm on first page.

I believe It changed in the 9.0 update.


I thought I was the only one who found this annoying! Would be good to have it open on the last stage played instead…


Quality of Life issue, IDK how hard it is to set this but this would make the UX far less annoying on the first few clicks of the game.

As designers, they should constantly be looking at the UX, especially the first 5-10 taps.


Same with armory, start crafting parts, and it bounces us back to the beginning, then have to scroll over to add or fast complete…just little things like that


Thanks for bringing these up. Will get issues logged, since I totally agree.


Thankyou combatman


This had been brought up already, but I guess it went unnoticed. Thank you CombatMan, for making a ticket! :smiley:


Hi Combatman, what’s the ETA on getting this resolved?


It’s set to be fixed for the next update, though I won’t say that it will be fixed for the next update.


Lol. That’s some mind f*er.

Would ‘We want it to but it may not make it in the next build’ be the correct translation.


Pretty much