World Stages - Farming Odds


Always wondered @kalishane @Dash do higher world stages have higher drop rates for lets says liliths, 3* gear etc. Would be nice to know #playerfirst if the the higher energy cost is worth it to us.

Also it has been proven in reality that not using drop leads when farming certain collection items for high qty ex. during the legendary gear event, actually caused the items to drop more frequently on the roadmaps, which goes against common sense but could this anamoly also apply to world stages etc.


I think best 16/1, results run with faction middle drop leader
energy cost 8,
Xp 4700,
drop nice,
food about 6k
material about 16k
2 star gear about 6x
3 star gear about 1x
elite item token 65
4 star weapon, about 1/20 tour
I get 3 lilith in a month


For those that have not read this Efficient Farming Guide I added the link.
Lilith’s drop rate seems lower than 4* weapons.


12.4 Best.


13.5. Got 6 4* weapons in 2 days.


Got 4x4* weapons and 1x3* weapon in 13.3 in a single evening.
12.1, 12.4, 13.3 and 16.1 seem to work best for me.


somehow this happened to me yesterday


This was a couple of weeks ago