World Stages Borked?


Is anyone else seeing a totally broken world stage campaign? I am not getting any cut scenes, allies, proper rewards (just standard rewards, none of the story-specific or choice rewards etc).

Support couldn’t give a sh*t - usual lip - service (but keep on paying £$£$ mofo).

The worst thing is that they have a TV advertising campaign here in the UK at the moment - essentially describing the story mode! Which doesn’t work!

For the record, I know how it should work - this is on my second account - completely unlinked to my first, new device, new appleID, etc etc. I’m just playing for fun - well, trying to!



Mine did that. I beat each level without the storyline thinking that’s how it was supposed to be. Look for the flashing yellow level or go to missions and it’ll take you to a level that has the cutscenes to start from.


A quick search on the forums and you could have found your answer lol


Thanks @Jeff. Sorted it.

@s1acker6 - I did, briefly, I obviously didn’t quite nail the search terms.