World refills nerfed

Can see that world refills have been nerfed so we need to spend to keep up on the roadmaps…but to get us to buy them can u please put them in the FUCKING SHOP!!!


Nerfed? Like you mean a tank doesn’t max your energy?

And I see it in my depot and shop right now…not sure what you’re talking about.

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The drop rate on world cans has been nerfed, I used to get them from scav missions all the time and might get 1-2 per week if I’m lucky and I’m talking about the bags in the shop not paying 200 coins per refill


Entirely RNG.

Basically what I’m trying to say is they made world cans more scarce with higher cost roadmaps and they don’t pop up in depot as often as before. Before u could coin it once and get either raid/world refill now it can take 3-4 times before raid/refill come up. I’m ok with buying some bags from the shop but they rarely have them in there as well. They need to have world refills in the shop more often and the bag with 2-8 or 2-10 refills the other bags suck

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The drop rate from scav mission bonus rewards, I used to get them all the time now it’s rare as hell

I have noticed the same several weeks ago… As I have said many times before; my depot has not had them available for 4 consecutive weeks…And not a single world fill drop as a scavenger bonus, after meeting all requirements and team grade.

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I am still getting them from scavenger missions, depot and daily rewards just as often as before. This is a perception issue , nothing else. You are using more now because of these maps so it seems like you are getting less.

Just today I received one on a bonus drop from Scavenger missions.


This is a perfect example of selective “good luck” for some players.


A lot of my factionmates have been having the same issues. The higher cost roadmaps are a way to control the supply and demand. And like I said I don’t mind buying bags from the shop but I’m not paying 200 coins for every refill they need the bags in the shop more often.

You do know that meeting all requirements and team grade is not what determines the bonus chance encounter, right?

There are some nice spreadsheets out there that show what combos work for getting the bonuses and the bonuses available for different missions.

I am up 11 since those roadmaps started. 10 in SD and one bonus scav mission.

Just had a scav mission open with a can too.

There is no question that the need for World Energy is a lot higher right now and they should offer bags for sale in the shop. I do recall seeing an offer just a few days ago I think. I don’t ever buy them so I don’t pay a lot of attention when they are there.

I get them once or twice a day from scavenger missions as a bonus!

I am now on week 5 without world fills in my depot.

This shits ridiculous…I just want them to sell the bags in the fuckin shop so I can buy some. I’m not buying the 100 coin refill every damn time. I want atleast a chance at 2-8 from the bags

they removed them 100% from 6v6 wars.

Nerfed indeed

and I love how they pulled the “Classical” false advertisement move
said they would be back “next” war.
But 8v8 wars apparantly has world cans for 3rd.

Typical scopely, Nerf, then lie lie, buy time till everyone forgets.


Starving people of them to increase demand.

And forcing us to blow 50plus cans on the Lame ass Death Mark event.

Anecdotal but have had one from scavenger mission bonus in both my regions in the past 4 hours. Both were while doing Ooda.

Update, 3 in past 10 hours.

And now 5 more from Supply depot … and on sale at that.

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