World of Wars!?

Recently a lot of wars have been played but this is a suggestion in which every faction can participate ( ofc except the hackers ) in one war, not like region but you can face anyone even there could be a chance to face your region faction and even the top factions. It’s no like the WOC that only some can participate with the top. I do have some ideas on how this can be done. And I don’t even think the title of this war great as I’m not good with it. So reply a Title you can think of and even if possible you can give some ideas on how this tournament is going to happen. I will post another topic with the ideas I have come up with if this has a very positive response

Do you think this will be good to implement in the game?

  • Yes
  • No

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Edit: well I think I have to say it my original idea it’s like while we all play the same war like no region type but we have class tiers like normal, good, super, unbeatable and stuff like that ( like I told I’m not good with names ) so it’s only for rewards section but like like assume ranks from 1-10000 factions participated now assume the normal class is from 6001-10000 so the faction which got 6001 will get be considered as rank 1 in normal class and stuff like that was my thought first of its a type of ranking as well as the war to.

do you mean 1 war with every faction in the game involved

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I don’t think this is a good idea at all. The prices at the lower end would be so small that the forums would blow up. In my opinion the only way to make this work is to follow everybody into the most active regions and go from there. For example move everybody into one a


well i had an idea about it but if the response is no at last then no need for it.

Regions exist for a reason. I understand the cool factor of what you are saying, but I don’t think it would turn out as a good thing.


1 war with all factions would be a disaster there are well over 1000 factions and the top top factions do maybe 180 to 200 wars meaning they would only match 20% of all factions at best. could never get an equal match meaning they would have 0 competition and lower level factions could just be fed 1 after the other to factions they have no chance in beating


Well, I’d still say make a global war… what’s the difference for the small factions to be fed to uber-whales from 1a to being fed to normal whales within their “cross-region area”?

The more active the factions, the higher the chance they can match an equal opponent…

The only problem I would see is of technical nature - the regions are individual servers, so not sure how well the technical performance would hold up if they would have to be all interconnected.


Please. I can see it now for my Rank 1,822 faction

Searching for opponent :arrows_counterclockwise:

Opponent found!

Rank 2


Hm, I wonder how many rank2 factions can there be, so they can war all the factions between 1k-10k…

But in all honesty, a matchmaking system based on faction power/score between 150 regions would be easier to maintain with normal searching times than among a 16 region CRW…

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Even if this was a good idea, there’s no way the game would cope with it. It would be constantly lagging and crashing, even more than it already does with regular crw.


Said no but always open to new ideas👍

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I did not mean for that to come off abrasive. There are just way too many teams and there would be an uproar of people not getting good stuff we’re getting matched against factions they can’t touch. Once again sorry, Didn’t mean to make it sound mean.


nah I dont wanna war against a wave 1 faction were I would have been destroyed faster then My 5 second finish :wink:

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Crazy idea, old school war. Get those dusty old 5* out and war like it’s 2016

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I see what you’re going for and I’m not against it. I do believe that needs to be built up to.

Perhaps instead of the same regions warring… they rotate them. It gets a little manatonous facing the same factions.

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I agree here, get some variety.

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Ah i forgot to say one of my idea in it. sorry let us assume there are three tiers total B,A and S class tiers are there ( ofc if it really would have happened i would give them better names ) so if you are in B class then you will matchup against class B factions only. and same goes for others. i forgot to mention this in the edit.

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