Behold! Alexandria is now open, for all you poor Hilltoppers you have a new goal! Will this new section of the World Map fit the new meta, or will it disappoint royally and prove how easy this game has become? Let’s find out!


Sadly I’m still not seeing the next part of the world map


Really?? That’s strange. It’ll come eventually, I mean, it has for me and many of my factionmates. Probably going to be something like the Garrett/Skybound Rick claiming, where most but not all get it immediately.


Yeah just popped up for me.





I am not going to waste that awesome xp i will get until levels are increased to 150.


Lmao, good thing they were!


It’s true!!!

I just checked and got to 99% to next level!!



What are the prizes for CHOOSE THE ROAD or CHOOSE THE WOODS…


The road is reinforced katana


about time


Thanks sonsofliberty…can anyone report the prize for CHOOSE THE WOODS?


Since I haven’t seen anyone start complaining yet… I’m done with stage 25 when are you gonna add more world stages, lol


Why are you all lying lmao? Mine’s still locked…


Sorry bud, but calling a bunch of people liars isn’t very polite. What in the world makes you think we’re lying? Because you can ask everybody in your region and it’s a guarantee that somebody has it. Check your facts before spewing what you’re spewing.


Do any of the routes get Richard killed? Because if so I wanna avoid it at all costs plz


Nope. Nobody dies, Story based


You get the Violent Tactical knife if you choose the woods



What’s with it giving 1* & 2* helpers though? Wtf. Revive fest man :tired_face: