World Map Rewards Changes (10.0.1) [Feedback Thread]


Hello everyone!
Please post all feedback regarding the upcoming World Map Rewards Changes here.

Thank you!

World Roadmap Rewards Update (Coming in 10.0.1)

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Hoping for huge crude bronze drops


Thats all i care about lol


4* Carl?



Very cool. I am interested to see how this plays out. Thanks for the update! @kalishane



Carlos lol… eyy ese get out my slot


Since we will get more survivors, can we get easier way to get shirts/gloves? It gets really boring and tedious to farm it all thursdays at 3 energy per run…


I just want Allen, that would satiesfy me for the next months, if it ever will happen -_-


:frowning: maybe they will have an Allen day soo. Green Allen, Yellow Allen, Red Allen, and Blue Allen.


I gave that Dream up, a long time ago :confused: Since, they just continue to creating new
characters over new characters…


yeah. oh btw speaking of world maps is there any new areas ?


Yeah, there announced it for “Soon”. (So No :confused: )


Not yet! I promise to keep you posted if there are!


When is the change happening?


Sounds Great. I really hope if the story continues, we will
finally get more story characters :smiley:
5* Brock (Maybe 6*)
5* Emma
4* York…


Just from a brief overview on the update screen i couldnt see if there is any specific stage where just bronze , or just bolt cutters drop, like water bottles did pre fix? or is all random with other ingredients,

Secondly is there any potential future update planned to make some of the current ingrediants we have more useful , i mean im sitting on over 7800 water bottles presently and if you compare all the regions i have played in am up over 20,000 and to this day i dont think i have ever used one


We could use waterbottles to increase our farms food output, for example


Really great information. While you’re still running a slot machine, this info will let players focus efforts making the game more fun.