World map not displaying correctly


My world map isn’t displaying properly. I see a blank screen with the names of the stages over it.Would there be a way I could force it to re-load the information properly without removing the app entirely,as that would mean I’d have to go through the stupid training all over again and then re-load my account using the Link which I’ve had problems with it not working properly in the past? I’m using the Bluestacks emulator.


I believe that’s a Bluestack issue. I had it when I used it too. I don’t think they’ll bother fixing it mainly because they generally didn’t support Bluestacks to begin with.


Switch from DirectX to OpenGl.

Also stop using bluestacks its crap. Look into Nox. Runs so much better.


I actually did try Nox and got tired of the stupid thing crashing my other apps which is why I switched to Bluestacks.


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