World map - 24 - Alexandria choices


Saw on the second stage of alexandria there’s a choice. Anyone have the rewards for the two choices? Thanks


The woods - violent tactical knife
The roads - violent reinforced katana

  • food wood xp and 90 coins


Hmm I never got those choices and I played through the map already


My favourite choice was the one Scopley made when they gave you the yellow Rick as an ally for the final stage and he gets one shot by the first green enemy who hits him wave one


Well he was 1*. Can’t blame him
Mine actually survived cos Kal kept him protected :slight_smile:


Yeah, at least I can use a faction ally now to re-run and get 3 stars.


Support toons are always trash, I don’t get it :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


They are Scopley support would you expect anything other than trash?


When you had to choose whether to risk getting attacked by bandits or risk getting attacked by walkers during the 3rd stage I believe? You didn’t get those?


Nope my faction mates did saw screens but I didn’t … strange


Same for me. :frowning:


My personal favorite choice was when Scopely still decided to bring green 2* Garrett to some stages where he would get killed even faster than Rik.


I never got these choices i completed 24 and have nearly completed 25 what was given?


You could choose to stay on the path which leaves you vulnerable to bandits or go in the woods which makes walker attacks more likely.


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