World energy refills


I made sure the requirements were met. Assuming Scopely changed rewards I didn‘t pay further attention. It happens again I‘ll send you a screenshot. Thanks.


I’m talking about the unpublished bonus requirements though :slightly_smiling_face:. Would like to see the screenshots in case my guess of what the bonus requirements are needs to be tweaked.


also Legendaries are utterly useless for rewards.

100% fail rate when I tried them.

I’ve been able to actually get every reward bonus so far.
The hardest one is the 3 star weapon bag.

I’ve never seen the Mission “Cheers”.
It must be a lvl 20 mission I think i’m lvl 18 I stopped since no missions are of interest.

How long is this mission?

Current composition for what’s left of them right now
3 reds, 1 blue, 1 yellow.
David (red soldier evasive)
Shane (red rebel)
Laura (blue soldier retrebution)
Eugene (red peacekeeper execution)
Brianna (yellow citizen command)

I have failed with this composition at least 50% very hard to narrow it down to get good at farming scavanging.
But my regular pure mixture composition seems to 100% fail grabbing 3 star weapon bags.