World energy refills


Was hoping someone could give me a list of what scav missions give world energy refills?? Thankyou in advance


Where there’s smoke



Only takes 1 citizen of any color to get the refill


Each of these missions has multiple random encounters that could pop. The composite recommended team is one that will meet the requirements for all random encounters possible with each mission, therefore maximizing the bonus rewards.


Not wishing to sound like a div, but if we take guns & butter as the example which needs a tough trait, do you only need one? Can the rest be random?


Yes if you need more than one it has multiple marks like moths to flame.


Div, lol, years since I’ve heard that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Do u have the same for coins, raid cans? I remember one from before the changes to the where there’s smoke and others. Haven’t seen a more recent table.


Top two boxes have the coin missions


I can’t find the link to the original PDF but I have it stored it just won’t let me upload it because of the format but if needed I can grab some SS and post them.



The mission flip 'me has 6 characters listed. How does that work?


At the bottom:
**For some missions there is no combination of only five characters which will be optimal to always receive a bonus


Is there a place where we can find all ur charts?


Nope. They’re all over the place. Even for myself, they’re spread across half a dozen different devices.


@LadyGeek I have quite a few of your charts, if it is ok with you I’ll create a website later today and bung them all on there, it won’t be very flashy as wil use a free platform.


Thanks @Silent9ine @LadyGeek


Always got coins from Gone Fishing mission until last time. Supply depot points instead of coins.:frowning:


There are 2 ways to not get coins: either the random encounter didn’t pop or it did and you didn’t pass the requirements. You have to look at the mission log before collecting to know which one actually happened. If the encounter popped and someone didn’t get coins, I’d love some more data to improve the charts. I need a screenshot of the mission log and the team that was sent on the mission, including team grade.