World energy in supply depot


Right @kalishane take this to your leaders, I have just cycled 3 times through the supply depot and world refills have vanished there was always a set pattern raid and world rotate now have had 4* in the place of the refills this is not cool.

Without the refills I can’t play the game, that is more a problem for you than me, as this means you are stopping a customer actually using your business. Please let the powers that be know this is a rather stupid idea, it is bad enough refills have been dropped as war, not dropping regularly on scav grounds and will disappear from daily gifts (the new gift system is a bit transparent).

If your leaders want us to stop playing simply just ask them to put an announcement out.

I am not the only one, stop screwing players scopley I know for sure if this respects it will be the straw that breaks this camels back. And remember camels travel in large groups.


I have 102 world cans… i buy the world cans in supply depot everytime they are up… no they are not up all the time. Back when i had no cans i was still able to play… i got world cans from wars being in a lower fac… scopely is not screwing anyone on world cans… and yes the game is playable without them.

4* toons have always been in SP in that slot as far as i can remember and i been playing a little over 1.5yrs… it cycles…

Be happy where your at… if you cant do somthing in game… then try doing something in real life while your waiting for your energy… like hunting… that’s always fun.

Besides… your Mr.Death… you should love everything about death since your the Mr of it. :slight_smile:

Keep surviving!

Edit to add. The only time i have ever paid coins to cycle my sp was when i got the wendys and i cycled it til i got morgan and ty


I don’t hoard the hoarde them I use them, and playing now since 2nd day of game launch.

I rarely come 3rd in war either usually 1st or 2nd

Maybe your right maybe should put the game down, won’t hunt though no need plenty of shops about for that.


My depot just reset.


I am on week 4 without world refills in my depot. Will update with what week 5 bestows …


What would ya do if no one killed amimals to put meat your shops?

You would need me… :stuck_out_tongue:


I did 3 refreshes and got 2 world and 1 raid energy. They are there.


I disagree im also out of cans and the game has drastically lowered the amount we used to get, the fact that you have hoarded over 100 cans doesn’t negate the fact the game has lowered how many cans we used to get through offers, as, scavenging, etc… For people like him and i


You could be right… but… i do find being in a lower fac gets u more cans of all kinds. Of ur in top 3 facs its hard to get in wars… hard to score cuz every other fight is a top3 fac… die fast coin fast… sux…try being a beast in a lower fac and boost em… ull see…kill fast in war = greater refills chances… move up again when u have restocked. I noticed this from personal experience…