World energy frozen at high level anyone have same issue

My level at 145 has froze at 90 world energy max and have went up to 147 level still same 90 max world energy , anyone now who to talk to about this, i have tried game support they said they can not fix said to come here so who do i talk to?

Huh? That’s all thanks to the new update, no issue there.

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Not an issue, that’s how world energy works now.

A level 145 has 90 world energy. You can go above that, but you won’t regen energy if you’re above 90. If you go below 90, you’ll start regenning energy again until you hit 90.


Keep on surviving!


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I think he means that his world energy should be at 91 max and not 90. I don’t have the info for what the max should be at 147… @LadyGeek

that sucks i did see that, turn green 107/90

level 147 was world energy max 90 i talked to team mates there at level 146 told there went to 92 max

Energy upgrades;
91 at 148
92 at 150
You get coins at both of those levels also.


ok i thought it was the game support could figure out the problem told me to come here

sorry typed fast game support couldn’t figure out the problem told me to come here any thanks for bringing my game motivation back

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