World energy depletion

I’m really hoping that all of this world energy depletion (the winter event, the daily ultimate gear road map and now finally a 4 star weapon part map) is being done to get players to use up their saved world energy refills and then they will hit us with a legendary gear road map and sell world energy refills like crazy. I’m really hoping this is the case and I’m going to continue to save my refills as best I can.

The “sister game “ no mans land has a feature free energy for 24 hours pops up sometimes , might be a cool idea for this game ? @kalishane


I don’t feel like they are necessarily monitoring everyone’s can totals and then waiting for a particular threshold to put out the map. I just hope these roadmaps are the precursor to a legendary gear roadmap. I completely recognize that this could just be wishful thinking.

I am up 6 cans since all those events started. SD and a scavenger camp.

I can run all maps with free energy.

Yeah that’s what I’m doing but I’m not going to farm the weapon parts map.

Same. Run it once.

I suspect they are doing it so when they release legendary it won’t be farmable (similar to this map). They are staging the disappointment in an attempt to reduce the all at once kick in the face that is bound to happen.

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bump it up

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you’re close OP, what I see is this, get everybody to waste energy collecting the burts, then the farmable ultra map that most people have been waiting for will drop. weapon map is damn near useless to me since it only produces trash for me

I agree that it will probably be an ultra map but I’m hoping it will be some type of new super ultra map that starts with uncommon gear and goes all the way up to legendary gear. Make the people work hard for the legendary gear but at least make it available to farm. Also make the roadmap for the epic and legendary gear super hard. Like 5 waves of legendary SR. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t autoplay a road map in this game. It’s time for a challenge.