World cans, please!


We need more opportunities to get world cans. Look at all of these roadmaps. The very least Scopely could do is have bags in the shop.

How about instead of that bag that comes with the free 15 tokens each day you give us at least one world can. It wouldn’t put a dent in anything, but it would help a little bit.


Hate to break it to you dude, but this sudden increase in roadmaps and cost per stage per roadmaps is very obviously supposed to make World Energy Refills a rare and valued commodity.

This didn’t happen by accident yo.

On the bright side, given that most of the stuff in the supply depot is now pretty worthless your SD points are available to buy every refill you can there ^o^


thats it :wink:


Assuming they are even there, last 2 refreshes of my SD put a char in the slot normally reserved for cans. Lucky me.


They need to put the world cans back into the scav mission rewards. I used to get 5 to 10 world cans a week from scav missions, now I’m lucky if I get 1 a week.


Obviously. That’s why i made the thread.