World can purchase

Today, I decided I wanted to try to finish the ultimate gear map before it reset. I had 7 world energy. My intent was to buy a world can and use it after I got to 16 energy and played another stage in the roadmap. Well… when I bought the world can, it automatically replenished my world energy. No possible way I can complete the map now without buying another can.

Can you please make so I can buy a can without automatically using it?? I didn’t want to use it yet. Thanks!

go to the shop and buy from there instead of buying from the pop up when you try to do a stage without enough energy.

Since you are buying it directly while trying to do a stage it assumes you want to use it immediately.

And you will NOT get a refund from CS… don’t even ask. @kalishane

I bought it from the shop… that’s why I was scratching my head when I realized it auto-used the refill for me