World Can offers/availability

@GR.Scopely no availabilty for world cans for over a fortnight now - not even any of the teams favourite offers for real world currency

Would appreciate it if “we hear you” and could “take it to the team” :wink:

Supply depot refresh is the cheapest way to get them and you get raid cans for free😉 and buy the trainer to top right

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Probably going to have to relent and do some depot refreshes if the lack of availabilty continues. I’m in the sort of bucket that gets raid then war fills successive weeks without a sign of world fills though :joy:

Me personally have only ever got war cans once, scopes thinks they are special

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yeah they sell bags for every other thing they call an event, why not for the roadmap one? for coins that is, not actual money

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@What_anticheat world fill rng bag is up. 195 coins and 2 available

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Except, on my region at least, those are territories cans

Only two bags was for sale. Got only 5 cans from both :-1:t2:


Thats one more time than I have gotten them. Legit not once for war cans.

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