Working at Scopely - rly?


I have found these videos in a different thread and I think they deserve a separate thread.

Please share your opinion about this self presentation of Scopely. Which feelings did it cause in you?

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I don’t need to watch the Yvette video to know its the lowest level pandering bs but I’m sure it’s all about the customer first attitude we all receive everyday, to make us the players excited and happy and never compromising their promises for quick fleecing of said customers.



In before the



You wonder what all your hard earned money is used for? Now you got the answer.



Thought it went towards yachts, jets, partying and genital jamborees lol



Lol. See everyone likes to talk crap about nerdy people, but without Nerds we wouldn’t even have fun games to play, or technology. All fun stuff and technology came from Nerds. Thank you Nerd community for giving us great entertainment, and ignore the so-called cool people who talk crap on you. We would be in the ice age if it wasn’t for you. :blush:



Yes but Scopely is not the nerdy people who make the game. They are the losers in life who destroy most things because of greed. Like bankers, wall street types, politicians, and so many more. They use people till they are no longer useful. The nerds in this case sadly sold out for that money and it’s the cause of how we are now at this point.
Don’t get me wrong I’d of sold out also, if I was the nerd developer, hopefully they didn’t sign a crappy contract that said they had to stay.

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That moment you realize we own all those swords and throne there #kingsofthenorth



I’ve been there before lol. Really nice people actually



If $copley was around in the 80s –

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Great video with nice insights. Especially about that guy who is talking about money, revenue and all this fancy business buzzword stuff all the time.

It’s pretty sad. Peeps like CombatDevIl seem to be pretty decent and are actually willing to help the people. But he is ‘just a coder’. Guys like him don’t make the decisions. And most of the times these programmers have more clue about what the customer wants, than the decisionmakers. Just because they are actually more involved with the community/customer/clients. It’s like that in many companies, that I have seen. The bigger it gets, the worse it is.



Yes. I really appreciate that he gave us so much information in the guide. That’s what players need, not those continuously popping up offers.

Meanwhile the decisionmakers just doesn’t have a clue. They should be thankful. If it weren’t for these helpful coders, I would not be still playing this game now.



Not at all bc I’m hoping the same thing. I found it funny they highlight a fully stocked bar as a major perk, would explain some of the head scratching decisions.



laughed so hard at this one. :joy: