Work Gloves & Wrinkled Shirts in Supply Depot

Please add Work Gloves and Wrinkled Shirts to the items that can be purchased with Gear Markers…and don’t put a low limit on these. Make these items as readily available as Food in the Supply Depot. Easy thing to implement. Players are happier. Viola!


Same for Crude Bronze & Metalworking Sets. I go through these like a hot knife in butter. Thanks!


I tend to agree since I’ve become very jaded about how Scopely operates. I’d like to just see how this actually plays out. :wink:

It’s a great idea and has been brought forward before, many many times. And yah the solution was to just stick wrinkled shirts and gloves in the shop instead of the depo. Because scopley.

It’s so so true. Scopely just cannot help themselves in trying to suck every penny from their players…

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1 glove and 1 shirt per day 1000 markers each! Haha


I guess players shouldn’t have suggested 3x speed, better world map drops, separate drop/faction helpers then right? Because surely those suggestions have been ignored.


Guess we also shouldnt speak about rewards or region merging, cuz ya know those have been talked about for over 9 months with ZERO improvement

Hello darkness my old friend, ive come to ask for good rewards again

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Just farm. It’s not hard!

I know. I farm just like the rest. Just wanted to see how Scopely would react to my lil requests. And they did exactly what I expected them to do.

This place is where they data mine for potential offers and such. It’s basic.

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That offer has been in there before you ever even brought it up here, buddy.

Good try though.

If I recalled correctly, they tried region merging but the results ended badly. What seemed to be more successful was opening up closed regions again, although I don’t have the specifics on how beneficial it really was.

True. I may just have noticed it since I tend to ignore those annoying offers, and it just goes to show that they still put things up for sale instead of putting things in the depot for whenever you need gear. Why introduce gear markers if not for this very reason?

where did u see that gear bundle?

I do not see it… :frowning:

I just noticed it pop up not too long ago on my list of offers. Strange how those things happen…

Opening up regions is completely useless now that 6*s are out. It will take new players months to get enough 5s to ascend a single 6star

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So if I ignore something for 2 years theeeen eventually do it I get full credit?

Hm… Seems like an easy bar.


Someone mentioned that similar argument before, but I personally don’t believe in it.

Whenever someone starts a new game, it is expected that the veterans will obviously have an advantage over the new players. New players also shouldn’t expect to be able to compete with veteran players on any close scale until a while. (I’m pretty sure most of them have that mentality else well, which works out.)

So despite 6* being released, I don’t see it as a deterrent that will isolate new players as long as they still have ways of improving their roster. Looking at the current event alone, new players will have plenty of opportunities to get essential gear, ascendance materials, or even Lucas simply by participating. They don’t need to compete with the veterans to make essential progress. Disregarding the current event, every tournament gives a handful of 5* tokens simply for doing the bare minimum, which lets new players earn 5s at a much faster rate than before. (Even if you want to comparatively look at the relation of 5 to 6s now and 4 to 5*s back then.)

I’m not suggesting a bar or low requirement of contentment.

Some feedback is clearly implemented much faster than others; some might not be implemented at all. (As not all feedback is good feedback). But to say that we shouldn’t post feedback, especially on the assumption that there’s no consideration involved, is stupid.

Generally I find the reason players make comments more important that the exact comment themselves. Clearly players are frustrated and that is what is being portrayed.

Counter arguing specifics to rebuttle a players sentiment seems silly.

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