Work gloves and wrinkled shirts


I can’t seem to find a good stage to farm these on, particularly work gloves. Whats best world energy to work glove farming stage?


7.4 is good.


Thanks I had tried there but was only getting 1x work glove every other run (6x energy). Seemed slow but maybe it was just a streak of bad luck.


4.3 is good for gloves


7.1 is my go to for shirts and gloves, just have to farm it relentlessly. Thursdays is farm day for me, I have over 4k shirts and gloves. Ran out one time, that’s all it took for me to religiously farm gear every Thursday :smiley::smiley:


7.1 and gear roadmap


Xp map or war energy map!


4.3 is the best I found for gloves. It only drops gloves even though it says shirts too (probably all 4.x stages) and I get 3-5 with Rosa.


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