Words Event for Raiding

The Raid feature is not registering as all 5 team mates are alive after 6 straight win and still showing 0 out of 10.

Annoying bug, remove it.

Ive been trying to report this issue from the beginning of the event. Customer service keeps telling me to come to forums for help. Well lol how do I fix it. I keep getting stuck at 4 raids. They can’t help me with oh I can’t remember. I’ll have to look at it again.


Sadly, we’re unable to share the specifics of the event mechanics. Please be advised that most answers to your questions are available in the forums. If you can’t find the answers you were looking for, you may try making your own thread to start a new discussion.

You may also check this link for more information:

If you still need further assistance, please get back to us right away.


Scopely Support Team

That’s what I get when I tell them. Whatever @GR.Scopely do something please!

He can’t do anything about he’s only the community manager after all not a dev


Have you play the product to understand the event that is for raid in this event?

Win 10 straight matches with all members alive or just win 10 matches in a row with all members alive or just win 10 matches?

If not, why are you sending me to the official post of the event?

Maybe it is YOUR job to relay this problem to YOUR company that hired you to be a forum moderator.

Until you have a solution that is addressing the situation, you can mute your keyboard.


The Players Report Team

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Doesn’t start counting until your second win so its 11 in all. All teammates alive, and all wins in a row. That’s how mine was anyway

just defeat 100 in a row and u might get it

I had 3 battles, defeat all , but skipped battle, one counted

I’ve been not.skipping and.winning all battles 9 counted so.far

Yeah its pretty buggy. Don’t have to win with all alive either. Counted for me even when I had a death.

I then did two more last night, was on 6/10.

Did six raids this morning, only lost characters in one of the six (won all six) yet took me all six to get to 10/10.

Literally no f_cking logic to it.

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