Word „we” - 3x e letter - another sneaky move by scopely

Hey Scopely half brains, did you ever saw game like this?


When player guessing letter „e” or any other, then every letters e are showing. No matter how many of them is in one word or even sentence.
So why tf we have to „find” 3x letter E for word „we” ?

Or maybe its a word weee? Or peee?
With word „to” it wasnt like that. You smelled money again?
No from me for sure.
Merry Christmas greedy idiots :poop:

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Just wait for tomorrow when the new phrase is
Dollar Dollar Dollar

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Not enough N’s

Because “hErE” is the first two Es, from this wave’s phrase of Here We Remain.

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God all those player level ups…

D = Defeat Red Payback Negan 10 times
O = Obtain 5 energy cans
L = Level Up Player
L = Level Up Player
A= Defeat Arav 5 times
R= Revive the latest Promo toon

In all seriousness now - i hope i have not put idea’s into their heads…

Scopely obviously have our best wishes at heart and want us lvled up :slight_smile:

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