Woot new F2P Duane 6s Out!

Stun 3 isn’t bad at all tbh

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all defense have anti stun mod… ap is useless

Active skill, the game is already finish at turn 3
when i see red jesus with active skill turn 8…trolololololo

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He’s mediocre crap as expected. Another f2p toon with a sub-par leader skill. The only thing decent is his active.


His AR is exactly the same as Mira, which is used by all f2p range attack teams.

Many melee f2p still use Carl lead on attack. So this duane could help for sure. Hes not great but not the worst f2p melee for sure.

I don’t know why people put so high hopes on f2p characters. It should be known by now that legacies are always going to fall behind the premiers.

It would be bad business if they made f2p characters OP. They wouldn’t be able to sell those on the premier recruits. Unless they released broken premier toons, 58 ap with confuse to a whole group and revive and so forth. You get the point.

I think he can help people with G2 and Confound and stuff. He can also help alot of people through those Tyreese stages on 350+ SR levels.

He’s not the greatest but he’s not absolute trash. He has a similar rush to Mirabelle’s and I still see many of her rocking around. You can use him on defence maybe behind a Carl lead or something. Of course that those who spend won’t find him one bit appealing. But f2p can use their imagination and try to insert him somewhere.

He has more usability as a 6* than he has ever had as a 5* back in the 5* era. That’s the whole point of ascension, give characters a new life.

The only times I saw him as a 5* was in SR stages. Never have I seen him on any defensive or offensive team.

Anyways, it’s still good to see that they are back at releasing the legacies instead of the previous 40+ days hiatus.

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Mira is used by all ranged f2p players because until red Zeke we didn’t have any other options. She also has recover stun and that is way more useful when facing a green stun on attack team than Duane’s active. He’s not terrible but he’s not good either. You would never use him as a leader so you’re giving up a specialist spot if you use him.

He’s another in a long line of mediocre f2p toons.

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You’re saying you wanted something useful?

Nope. Wasn’t expecting that either. I’ve played the game long enough to understand how it works.

The only thing that’s shocking is they put him in premiere recruits. Who’s gonna pull for this crap when Mags and Lydia are on offer too?


Maybe a test to see how worth a new legacy ascendable could be. I had hope he would be more awesome as a reason for put him in premier recruits.

btw. simple math. If more people are going to pull him from premier, then we had a chance to get a new ascendance list for 2019? :thinking:

With all the stun resist mods out, it wouldn’t have hurt if the AR remained stun 1 and all adjacent. But oh well, the active is good I guess. Not too crazy about him, but kudos to them for actually releasing another legacy toon so fast after Andrea :man_shrugging:


He should have stun for two turns, would have been more appealing, lol.

Mira can hold a stun, AR stun, recover stun, her lead skill is way better and she hits harder.

Duane is trash compared to her imo so no kudos from me scrooge… I mean scopely lol.


Not exactly the same. He has +100% more damage than her.

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But his base attack is much lower. So it’ll still probably hit less hard. But seeing as most blues have weak defense it might just work out


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