Woohoo a gear collection!

I am so glad they finally listened to us players and gave us the gear collection we all needed. What a token of Goodwill after the epic Andrea fiasco… Glad I got that 4* a lillith and 10 Burt’s as a oops gift


An expensive gear collection

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I’m seriously doubting this game will last another 12 months but hey let’s have no gear collections and instead charge ridiculous amounts so the same idiots buy it.


It’s crazy that im still pretty stocked up on 6* t4 gear from last collection. But, 5* t3 & t4 gear and 6* t1-3 gear I’m short on.

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You should invest in the gear depot and heavily in the roadmap where crates drop.

But you have to use money to get more points as raid refills are essential so again it’s pay 2 collect. You can get them normally but you get miniscule points takes ages.

Does anyone even buy gear?!.. This makes me wonder :thinking:

A gear collection you have to pay for ? Are you slow in the brain lol


I’m guessing you can’t take jokes.

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Oh :joy::joy::man_shrugging:


I’ve bought a few, there were some offers including GPS & Canteens plus other stuff for £20 so I had that a few times just to top up my T4 six stars, but now it’s got to the point were I have to buy gear if I want to upgrade toons & I’m not willing to do that.

I don’t (didn’t) mind paying a few quid here & there to supplement the gear you get in game, but when it becomes the only option there becomes no point even pulling for new toons never mind buying gear to use them.


Exactly this. Got a couple toons I’ve spent for rotting away at T2. Will be mute by the time they are useable. Some nice looking bench warmers tho :smirk:

Wow that title is some high quality clickbait.


As long as ppl pay, this will continue. And ppl will pay no matter what happens to them. Ive seen the ppl that were FURIOUS over the andrea thing (that bought these gear deals to max her) turn around and drop $500 goin for gabe. Way to stand strong. Lol. This is why scopely keeps on keepin on.


Haven’t paid since the whole offers for new players thing, Andrea just reminded me what I’m fighting for.


Why bother pulling for premieres when the gear is so limited in this game? We cannot farm gear, we have to spend league points and coins to get the gear we need and sometimes the gear isn’t there for us. Right now I need 5 scopes to tier 3 a toon, I really have no other toons I want to work on. So I don’t have the league points to buy scopes (thank you Andrea - Scopely still won’t give me back the league points I wasted to buy holsters) which will cost me 1400-1600 coins to cycle the gear stash to get the scopes I need.

So why bother pulling for a toon, if it is going to cost you $30 to get the gear you need to level the character.

Make the gear roadmaps daily and FARMABLE.


Aside from a museum collection, another option is to lower prices in the League store. 18k for a canteen is too much, never mind the other 15+ items needed for a single toon.

It is never too much if it means more $$$$ for scopley

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