WOOHOO 2018 turning it around!


This new calender reward thing is amazing! hope its every month! I know this just started but it would be cool that if you signed in for all those days you will get a bonus gift like a gear bag or extra tokens or something. @kalishane


Yes please scopely make it permanent. This is your best idea since a while


Great to have a daily login bonus implemented


Exclusive daily rewards won’t help change the fact that there’s still no new content available or story missions yet. I still have high hopes the game will bring something new this year.


It aint nuttin! I love daily login rewards, been doing those in every other online game I’ve played in the past 5 years so, kind was expecting it earlier.

But it’s here

CELEBRATE! CHEERS TO @kalishane and everyone else who helped make it real


Is there an announcement regarding this…?


It’s pinned on the front of the forum! (or should be unless your settings are set to remove pinned items.)


Oh look at that. Good work.


I try! Thanks Wanderer!


Maybe you should read the next response…

and see I acknowledged… That i overlooked it.


And maybe next time you decide NO RESPONSE is better than continuing whatever this nonsensical crusade is.

I bid you farewell. Feel free to add a purposeless response. Whatever it is it wont be read. Cheers




Ah, the internet at it’s finest. Perfect example of the undying generosity and comradery for our fellow man. The patience and nurturing attitude one expects and always receives when talking amongst our brothers and sisters on the web…



Bad manners aren‘t entertaining me, just annoying.


(deggalf sselnu sruoh 42 ni deteled yllacitamotua eb lliw, rohtua yb nwardhtiw tsop)


(pós retirado pelo autor, será automaticamente excluído em 24 horas, a menos que seja sinalizado)


first time kalishane replied to my thread! i feel honoured


I’m Ok with the fact that there isn’t more World Maps, because new story missions are essentially all the new story lines they release along with the new roadmaps.

They should take down the ridiculous “New maps coming soon!” statement though, lol. Maybe replace it with, “For more story, check out Roadmaps”


Or “coming 2025”.


What was that? Is the sun setting or the sun rising?
The same feature added to game i use to play a year before it was over. Daily rewards for logging for a year just before they end the game.