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Woodchuck Tips: General Guide
Woodchuck Norris

I have only been playing 5 months. But I ask A LOT of questions and have made many friends who have been playing a long time. A lot I learned on my own. I don’t believe you have to spend lots of money to have fun at this game so I made this.

These tips are geared for the newer player who is trying to figure all this out.

We have another Solo Level Up tournament?!? How to get those points
It’s all about the You Got Lucky scavenger mission (YGL). Using high tier, low level toons will get the max amount of points. For example, use five star toons, that are T4, Level 1. Start the scavenger the day before and collect the rewards when the tournament begins. YGL should pop up again for most players, but it will be in cool down mode, it is worth the 40+ coins to refresh it and start again. If it isn’t there, start any other mission then abort them, one by one until you see it. If it still doesn’t work, try same thing a couple hours later. It is possible to start the YGL mission with tier 3 toons and upgrade while they are out on the scavenger to T4lvl1. You CAN NOT ascend a toon from a 5* to 6* when they are on a scavenger though, so consider this your warning.

Manual leveling is also possible, but you need a supply of fodder and plenty of food. So to get that going, stock up all your food and survivors into three different training grounds. Many people have two going all the time in the 2* training grounds, and one going all the time with elite or legendary. It takes work to keep up with them, but you will have a ready supply of fodder toons to level up with. Sell gear to get food. I personally sell running shoes, they land a lot of food and I always seem to have a ton of them.

Survival Road
Daily SR and tournament SR are both good places to gain XP, and get gear, wood, food, etc. It is best to create custom teams for each wave on SR, this is crucial as you progress and the stages get harder. On some lower level stages you can get by with a quick autofill, but that doesn’t provide the best team setup for the stage, just the strongest toons you have available. Use characters that are strong against the enemy. ANYTHING with a zombie wave equip crit weapons and crit leader skill. Use the crit leader to their advantage. If they are all melee or all range, then use your best options respectively. A toon with guardian often helps with walker stages to clear any initial hits you take. Bring a healer whenever you can, as health carries over through each stage.

If you know a stage is one you struggle with based on your roster, then use random 2* toons with crit weapons for the first attack or two to clear as many walkers as possible before bringing your 5* and 6* teams out. It will save you from having to revive them with the kits. (to get quick crit weapons, start with a 2 or 3 star weapon that has 20 crit already, and add slayer 1 to it in armory until you get Bonus crit for the first three waves)

How to get gold
You can watch up to 50 videos a day (when it works properly). Even if it says unavailable, keep trying. Daily missions sometimes have 15 gold. Completing world stages gives gold, so be sure to go all the way through to 23.8. Certain levels that you reach on your personal level gives gold. Going on offers and doing the surveys, which they just ask questions and nothing else, can give a lot of gold. Sometimes up to 500 a day. Use the gold you do collect however makes sense to you. But the best thing to try for is a 10 pull on premier toons when the one you want is the current promo. Use it during war to rebuild your camp 1 time if you are close in the battle. Or use it to refresh the YGL scavenger mission. The gear offer that provides gloves and shirts for 70 coins is also a great deal, saves farming time and world energy. And finally, gold is given out each week in leagues, so participate as best you can to rank high, and get the gold at the end of the each stretch.

Store materials
Before mods were here, figuring out what to do with materials was always a headache. Now, the first thing to do is just convert it to scraps to help level up mods. If you are highly active, you will most likely have more than that each day, so the next thing to do is store it by making grenades in the workshop. You can sell them if you should ever need wood quickly (like when you have to start an armory craft).

World Energy
World stage 25-8 is a good way to spend quick energy, and it has all weapons available and lots of survivors, and experience. 16-1 for same at only 8 energy, but less survivors. Holding territories will help with specific things too. Holding fortified town for example will increase the survivors you get from stages. Helps to keep the training grounds running.

Gear Roadmaps
The gear maps with the black crates in stages 7 and 8 are good ones to use a drop leader. Do the final stage over and over to get crates to drop. It is a good idea to use a couple world energy cans when these maps appea

The ascendence medal crate in the supply depot every day. It uses SR markers, but helps to slowly build up the silver and gold medals needed to ascend toons to 6 star versions.

Also the gear map with the gold crates on 7 and 8 will give you the gear crate 100% of the time regardless of team or token.

You can do them over and over again

You don’t want to get raided? We call this ghosting. Have very little food or materials and you won’t get raided unless someone revenges on you. Personally I store food in High Replenish. You can sell the grenades and High Replenish later when needed.

Just as when you disassemble weapons, level up characters, or collect all food and materials in town, you can hold down and collect all rewards from territory map.

It is best to use sets, to get the bonus of whatever stat you are using. It is a good idea to not use the same toons you are using on attack for defence. For your defence team it is beat advised to use either hp or def. For toons like Ezekiel, kal, dichonne, holly etc. Its best to use crit mods. Stun resist is key.

I myself save up by selling 3s and 4s. I only buy raid and energy cans or ascendableascendables like ty and Andrea. If you want a solid attack team. Andrea is a awesome lead. And ty is really necessary to beat revive shield teams

It is best to do tier 6 fa as it has the best rewards. But tier 5 is also decent. You should aim to get everyone to hit/ set a time in advance to let them know. If ppl don’t hit they dont get rewards.


Always hit. Whenever you can. The more you hit the more chances you’ll get to find some gold mods or ascendance tokens.

Never use 5* trainers for lvling up toons. Use them in ascending toons. 5* trainers can be used for ascending actual 5* toons.

Again lets help the newer players. If there is anything you can add please do


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thanks for ur efferts this will certainly help newer players although we old beans already new these☺

GoodJob this will definitely help with the newer players!

I’ve been playing this game for a long time but I didn’t know a few of these tips. Thanks :grin::+1:

Good job man :slight_smile:

Another tip for everyone. If your short on raid cans, or world energy, or are looking for a 6* in supply depot, and you have the gold. Refresh the supply depot for 200 gold till you get what you want.

Most important tip for new players:



Only true for new players. When your roster is overflowing with 5* and trainers and you’re set for SR teams, level your duplicate 5* to T3MAX for levelup points if you want, then use them as fodder and use the Benedicts to level.


For newer players, I would recommend farming 13.3. It tends to drop a decent amount of 4* weapons and gives the most elite item tokens per energy. Downside is I haven’t seen a lillith for a long time. The 20+ stages seem to give out the most

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