Wood Shortage. Please Read


I’m gaining about 5x less wood a day than I did like a month ago. Why? Because raiding doesn’t give me lots of wood anymore. And all these issues are caused by the introduction of stat modifiers. Top players are spending +2,000,000 wood a day for scrap. I don’t have a positive net gain of wood per day. I have to now sell items to get to +2,000,000 wood. Suggestion. Lower the amount of wood required to obtain a scrap mod. I think half of what it is now would be fine.


Run survival road and max your lumber yard, I make scraps and still craft items with the leftover wood


Wait, so because you can’t obtain enough wood the answer is to just make everything cost less?

Next up, “I can’t afford a 40 pull so can we make it cost 30 coins”

Sorry, but it’s about resource prioritisation


While scraps are very expensive, you can stop being lazy and start playing the game by participating in sr tournaments and doing daily sr.


Well this certainly makes a nice change from the 2+ years of players complaining that they have too much wood.

So sell items, worse things happen at sea.
We’ve all being selling stuff for food for level-ups forever, why wouldn’t selling stuff from your inventory be a perfectly normal thing to do if you’ve not as much wood as you wish you had.


Raiding with natural E and completing the daily SR gives me enough wood to convert max wood per day. And I don’t have a single lumber mill. If I do have to sell some grenades, I do, because I have a lot stockpiled. The game economy has never been balanced.

Maybe choose your raid opponents more carefully or use SR tourneys to stash wood whenever they roll around. Raid tourneys also provide a good opportunity to stash wood. I would like it if they increased the amount of resources obtained from raiding bots, as it’s harder to find real opponents with leagues and mods going on now.


Finally, someones asking the real questions


These responses are not worth replying to with an answer. Just assumptions being made on how I play.


Farming stage 23: Hilltop will get you 100k/round.
it’s the most efficient place to farm and quickly gets you enough wood.

The issue about raiding bots is real. it’s likely a sign either an event is going on or you’re in a LOW region.
It’s hard to expect juicy targets everyday, so instead you’re expecting scopely needs to do something for everyone? Hardly realistic.

it’s a very uncommon issue to complain about having enough wood.
So, most likely, you’ll have to change how you farm.


How much wood would you say you gain a day?


Why do you need a net gain on wood? Just get enough for 2million and call it a day. Sell grenades when you have a shortage. I have never been short on wood and I use the 2mil/day. You get way too much wood from SR tourneys and that’s when you can make a bunch of grenades.


Daily avg
Farming: 100k x ~12 = 1.2M
Raids: ~20 x (between 18-135k) = ~0.8M
SR: 200k (i only complete for something good)

SR tourney: ~15M
Raid tourney: ~10M

Resources come… maybe not everyday… but in the slow days, it’s easy selling off the warehouse of 10k grenades i’ve built which is still growing due to the events.


I’m young. I never have wood shortage


Im alway packing wood brah, daily, hourly…


Get betta?



Don’t listen to the other super players. Wood shortage is real. Long time player also.

I must play a different daily SR, I get between 20-30k per stage… At ten levels that’s not a lot.

Stashing wood for grenades sucks, horrible return rate… but you have to do it because if you keep your wood full you’ll get raided and lose it


Yes farm stage 23 all day… Oh wait there are 1552548125 other roadmaps that need to be completed also for gear and materials. Ahh waste world cans, what a plan.


90% of the time, the opponents I face have the minimum wood reward(about 19k). Raid tournaments aren’t every day and you have to use about 40 raid refills to reach that 10,000,000 wood per raid tournament and I highly doubt that most players these days refill after achieving the last milestone for wood. Something else you’re not factoring in is the raids you lose. Also, I’m not really sure but I highly doubt that the SR tournament would give 15,000,000 if you complete all stages. Lets say that each legendary run was 200,000 wood. You would only get 5,000,000 and the other SR places(elite, bronze, etc.) don’t give anywhere that much. Don’t forget the wood you lost because you got raided(about 800,000 a day if you almost always have over 150k wood?). Scavenger camps give wood too but I’d say that only gives you about 100k wood a day. Factoring all this in, I’d say more often than not the average player is more likely to have less wood total than they started off with on any given day when they convert their wood to scrap mods.


not all roadmaps deserve your attention.
whats the value of a 5* token again?

the in-game economics havent evolved much since launch but prize inflation has rendered many of the game features of little value.


Why should you have access to max wood? What right is there that you should have enough wood to max out the scrap every day plus allow for some weapon crafting here and there? Especially if you aren’t doing enough to earn it.

People are not necessarily gaining less wood. Mods has simply given us a way to spend it. Those are not the same thing.

Maybe, you just need to spend less on scrap? As I said above, it is about resource prioritisation.