Wood for Food Collection


Just bringing back this topic from the original forum.

Would have to ensure it either has multiple collections and/or just do the higher threshold (1M).
I am not going to want to click a ton of times to redeem 10,000 wood for 10,000 food. It is a waste of time.
I would do 1,000,000 Wood for 1,000,000 Food.

Or have multiple collections (with 0/9999 redeem or something):
10,000 Wood for 10,000 Food
100,000 Wood for 100,000 Food
1,000,000 Wood for 1,000,000 Food


Even at an unfavourable exchange rate it would be amazing to have!


The wood issue definitely needs to be addressed.


We’re definitely looking into a way to help with this! Its on my list! :slight_smile: