Wondering about if leader Skill, and mods ( beta/main question)

I am a Beta player, and have noticed that unmodded toons in my main region gain green stats like mods were equipped. For example.

My question is this a bug or are leader skill attack bonuses now being displayed?

Also modded toons show what I believe is true attack power?

is this new, or have I just been over looking it?

Yes its part of the new update

Why is it live in my main already?

Thanks though

Not sure, maybe the update was pushed out beyond beta.

It is probably live because it isn’t a feature which gives you an advantage. Your players aren’t gaining any more attack power, it is just a display thing, so why restrict it to beta region only?

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If you look, you’ll also see the arena area there but you’re unable to access it. As a long time beta I’m used to things that are live in beta being visible in my main.

For example: the tower and mod area were both added to all regions for beta testers before they were live for everyone. We were not able to access them there but we were able to see them ect.

The characters now show weapon bonuses as well as mod bonuses. Does your toon have a weapon that adds atk

Also leader bonuses are shown

Thanks… that explains it. Chris does have extra attack on his weapon, and wasnt on a team with any leader. I was just curious where the stat line was coming from. Thanks to all who cleared this up for me.

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