Wolfenstein 2 is soooo good!


Holy shit! War sucks. Anyone playing Wolfenstein 2 this weekend? So good!


what is this wolfenstein 2 you speak of???



Yeah i played today , suuuper great game , goty for me


Goty for sure! I’ve been playing since the original came out. In so happy they brought it back!


It only took 25 years for the sequel? Nice!

There’s hope for Bill & Ted 3 after all!

Edit: And I just realized that this post made me feel very old…


The newest one is the seventh Wolfenstein game since '92. The only good ones are 2014’s “new order”, 2015’s “old blood” and 2017’s “the new colossus”.


Also, I just realized how behind I am on console and PC gaming…

Thanks, @pregolori. :wink:


Nothin’s more fun than shooting nazis except stabbing nazis or burning nazis.



There is another option…


To heck with that. Try warframe. It’s like halo impregnated destiny and spliced all the babies genes with overwatch. And it’s free! You hear that Scopely? You CAN make a successful game without being a money grubbing whore.


But can you kill nazis in it?


I’m impressed the HaterFrame’rs haven’t torn you apart yet.

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