Woke up to 21 Offers in the shop

Turned the app on today and was greeted with 21 offers in the shop, ranging from a very poor coin sale (x2) trainers sale (x4) and a lot of gear and token offers

come on … i mean … come on … Really!!!

not only is this just a joke on what the game was before (which was never amazing) but these pop up almost everytime i finish a raid or a stage now,

april fools ended a long time ago, just stop, wasnt funny the first 8 times


Omg I was just looking at that myself! Its crazy and simply way too much!

The pop ups are insane. I know where I want to go if I want to buy something, show me once then be done :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::smirk::smirk:

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The greed is just too real

And yet, there are not 21 roadmaps available !!
How come ?? :man_shrugging:


got 21 problems and a roadmap aint 1


Ha ha, is that a song from Jay-B ?? :joy::joy:


More complaints from @Clemo81 LMFAO

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More negativity from @s1acker6 LMFAO

Fanbois gonna fanboi or so they say. :rofl:


If you buy them all they go away.


Pics or it didnt happen :joy:


Any chance one of the offers was 12 six stars for 36$?


You mean you missed that one ?

I woke up to 21 questions by 50 cent


did that ./… they come back with half as much for twice as much to buy lol

hey someone got to say it .lol

if they did shit right i wouldnt complain or at least try and be constructive … the amount of times these offers pop up after one move in and out of map/raids etc is beyond funny

How was that negative? Thanks for trying to be relevant @docmatix but your post makes no sense

So here’s the real question: can Scopely push more revenue from this product with its diminished user base (relying on a declining whale-base) and reach US$200 per user before they go into the next round of funding?

The best part is that they’re all stamped as “LIMITED SPECIAL ONE TIME ONLY” offers.

I only saw 12…perhaps you saw the reverse?

Relevant? I don’t post for relevance or likes or Internet fame. I post for instance when I have something to add to a discussion. It’s what a forum is about.

My post was as out of place as yours was regarding the thread. I tried to get that across.

You say there is no negativity in your post. I disagree. Everytime I see a post of yours it’s about bashing some posters, being sarcastic (in an insulting way) or belittling. Now I don’t read every post in this forum every day, so this observation is totally subjective. But to me everytime you post, it looks like you pour your saltyness over a thread/poster, trying to disrupt discussions going on or discrediting arguments being brought up. Pretty sad actually, because there are some good discussions going on.

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