Woc2 mess up announcement?

So when are you going to make an announcement about the 1st woc qualifying weekend and how your favourite faction messed up and there will be a do over?


oooooooo interesting

how did they mess up?

the promisegivers have failed to provide stats on the new event

Adding wave 1A with Wave 1B?

Was more a irony over the faulty rules of latest big event TOC and losers got to come back

Well my wave 1B got first place just saying.

We should be able to WAR

Yes but you cant compete in WOC2 if you not pay up for a move next window in november

I guess you’re right honey bunny… I’d click or “pay” my way right into it if I could.

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It has genuinely been messed up there should be an announcement coming soon explaining how

I am not sure how they messed up. They clearly stated all waves can qualify for woc, but if they dont move to a 1a region in beginning of november, they no longer will qualify. So right now their scores count until november, if they stay in a non 1a region they wont be eligible.

oh no they messed it up there was suppose to be an announcement yesterday but they scared of the backlash

There was no 1a or 1b this past war. The split of wave 1 to a and b doesnt happen until next transfer window in early November

Unless I’m wrong, that transfer window is only outbound into wave 1… correct?

ooohhh I wanna know the juicy mess that was created!

oh you already do brucey boy I’m sure of it

Yes & no. Its on how you interpret it I suppose. It says wave 1 will be inbound, but it also says all waves will be outbound enabled in November. So some feel it is saying wave 1 can move to another wave 1 region, some say its inbound only & only wave 2 & 3 can move to wave 1.

Tbh the wave 1a, 1b nonsense is stupid. List the regions that will only be woc qualified. I feel some poor soul will accidentally go to a 1b region because technically right now its wave 1 region.