WoC Review & Results

In this video you’ll see the scores as time ticked down at the end of the War of Champions. Plus we dive into the Top 5 Faction’s individual scores! You’ll get a peek at the region exclusive offers & some screenshot highlights of big battles from the biggest of factions!

Thanks for watching!


Thanks in advance for the video haven’t watched it yet but getting ready to. Sure would like to see more of your videos pop up I enjoy them.

I’m looking for the individual player who scored the closest to 500k without going over. What can you find for me?

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Follow the angry screams…

I miss @Justabox

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I think the real big question is…who is retiring? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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It’s worth mentioning that wars were 30 minute long, when looking at specific screenshots :raised_hands:

A welcomed change!

I was at 500,421 but someone made me war more. I was done didn’t really want to do more but I did and Ended up at 524,176


Bring back the hour wars please! 30min is too short for the really good battles we wait all weekend for.

Cheaper with 30mins war

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War weekends are always cheaper than promo weeks, weapon wheels, armory, etc. If cost is your concern and you wanna go cheaper, I’d suggest improving those first and leave the 60min wars alone.


Sounds like your sticking around :muscle:t2::muscle:t2::muscle:t2: Good job this weekend!

Cheers for the little shout out there fella, the WOC 2 album had people from all sorts of factions sending me screens of their matches. Great video too, see you at the next WOC :wink:

Y a t il déjà les résultat que l ont puisse les voirs ?

Was expecting a lot of news and updates on the event its been so quiet you wouldn’t even know it was WoC weekend. :rofl:

I thought that was interesting. You’re right. I meant to mention that & how they were 6v6 in my 1a region & 60 minutes instead of what happened in WoC region.

Very nice job @Invisinerd! Always great content and coverage. Hope all is well my friend!


Aaaayyyeee!! Congrats to your team & thanks for the kind words! :slight_smile:

Im a big fan of a streamer/gamer known as JewBagel or Schizophrenic Gamer as his content is plentiful and of high quality. I like being able to see my streamer/creator.

That being said this is the third video of yours I have watched and I will say I have not given you enough credit. So kudos, great video, I enjoyed it. I look forward to more content in the future and if you need anything, let me know

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