Woc ranking for the 1st opposition?

Do you gonna set a intermediary ranking for the 1A teams ? @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely @ladygeek

Any answer ?

Not worth it til transfers end

A player is compiling a list, I assume it will then be shared widely.

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There will be an official comm from Scopely with standings.

Released right after conclusion of woc

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Nah, there should be something tonight. Maybe tomorrow seeing as it’s getting to be 5pm pst.

I ss tonight brucey lol


In 565456 days…

I ss everything Scopely says now what with the habit of editing without notice.

Cool storyyyy

Lol you missed a digit.


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Who won Woc?

Not 100% correct

Definitely not correct. Need some ss?

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If you have screenshots of scores not on the list who scored over 4 mil send the to me on line at mikehulk

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