WOC people SAVE your stash pulls!

Since the qualifying factions will be transferring to the battleground region it will reset the Hordes stash !!
Brilliant work scopely

Big thank you to @LadyGeek who pointed it out

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely i hope you can find a solution for the people who already pulled on the stash and will transfer to WOC


I get that should be fixed but they are all whales in WOC anyways so just let them buy josh for like $200 and sell a gear bag for him for like $100, theyll all buy it, max josh out and not use him and then also coin in WOC, scopely can make some good :moneybag:

ah shit I have already done my 10 pulls

I did 6 they should save the stash progress or roll it back before we transfer

they shouldn’t have a stash go on for that long if the progress doesn’t move with you, not just for woc but it stops normal transfers aswell

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It’s possible WoC doesn’t use the stash, but it looks unlikely currently.

Even still, I think Op is saying the stash resets when you transfer and then transfer back. So if you use 10 here then ur starting all over after WOC. That’s pretty dumb


This^^ not that I’ll have this prob😂 I hate this game mode and doubt I’ll reach a milestone to pull

You got SCOPELY’D!

Som1 needs 2 party crash that shit WOC=war of chumps

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Anyone who plays this stupid game mode enough to get pulls deserves to lose them :wink:

I must be dumb af then, i really like hordes. But i also didn’t do any pulls. Idk how anyone has done 10 already lol.

Guess i will save my horde cans from now and hope the def resets in two weeks. :sunglasses:

I hit 200k which equals 10 pulls

Blowing some refills then lol.

There have been enough cans givens out to reach 200k (plus the 3 for 750 coins deal).

used 625 coins in league store and free cans that were given out.

I dont mind it but it needs some tweaking. I dont like that we cant control the zombies. I’ve had matches with a lure zombies and solange and it played out the whole time because it was just the crap zombies and she kept healing. Everyone else was decapped. Idk just seems like after a few turns it’s just rng on where they go and who they hit.
Team grade( the 100cap) should be higher in diamond then plat. Seems very limited. Basically once you get the right setup it’s kinda meh. Wouldn’t of been bad to give defense a cap on dog tag either to make it interesting. Guess I expected more from it.

Dam shit im use my pull wast my cans and coins in wh event for nothing if that right

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