WoC is for all waves?

Si to qualify for the early 2020 War of Champions . The Top 40 Factions can be from any of the 3 waves? There are any restrictions?

Nobody knows?

Dude, I don’t think they even know, how can you measure forks with knives? A faction in wave 2-3 scoring 2 millions wouldn’t have a chance in a wave 1even when the same number of ppl are taken into battle, now this mess of different number of participants, should be corrections a million in wave 2-3 isn’t the same as a million in wave 1

I know first hand cause I play wave 1 and wave 3, my wave 3 faction was close to top 30-50 before the segregation now we have been top 10 last 2 or 3 wars and we seriously aren’t any better

There ya go.


That makes sense, thank you LG

Ftp will move out and ptp will move in lol

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And wave3 have zero chance to participate

Not so sure.

Wave1 is locked…

That keeps the Whales in one place which is a bit crappy for them and good for us🤷🏼‍♂️

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It’s completely crappy, they should let us move wherever we want

Unfortunately it has non whales trapped in Wave 1 as well and they are basically being used as fodder for the whales to have people to war


If everyone refuses to war in 1a no one will qualify for woc…this will stop this transfer money grab process. Did no one learn from toc?

I don’t want to WOC, I never want TOC I’m just trapped

@Carl_Porter check out my post about this

Customer Feedback - The Transfer conundrum

Fool me once, shame on me.
Im wondering how many factions will live by that… no way Im transferring for another ToC like scenario. We really enjoyed our previous region Albert, the ppl who played there had become friends, and now we never get to play with them again.

Thanks for making us decide between “competition”, and the well-being of our faction Scopely. Ead :v:

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This is why I am trying to get people to not war in 1a…while it hurts players, its the only way to get Scopely to listen. How many people fled their region when a whale showed up for TOC? How can they even call this competition when it basically bans all of wave 3?


That’s a good point geez☹️

I am in wave 1B and I am pretty sure that the whale faction in the region will be moving out. I think the region will be happy about that however I do have sympathy for the f2p in wave 1A.