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WoC 2 showdown is coming up soon. I’d like to request full information on what we can expect from this special event including the full rundown of how it will work BEFORE any players transfers. I’d like full details on it this time. Multiple times we have been tricked into these special events before we even have the information on them. This is up to us as the players to speak up and take careful precautions before we do or give anything to Scopely without the information we do deserve, it’s important to know what EXACT rewards will be dished out for such a “special” event. But more importantly it wasn’t long ago many of us were tricked into ToC qualifying regions and then locked in them shortly after with this cattle wave system. I want to know if this will happen again or if people will be free to travel out and back to their previous and or other regions.

Personally I’m hesitant on all this from the trust you have destroyed and I know others are as well. I hope you all can see our point of view on this. If you’re going to have a special event, all the details are important.

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Good post, definitely need more information and better communication from Scopely regarding their prized event.


Pretty hard to give us info when it seems they have no clue themselves what they are doing with WOC.

@Sawyer_Northman is right @GR.Scopely - without the prerequisite info well in advance, some people and factions will choose just to stay at home.

It is imperative that information regarding movement after the tournament is clear, concise and accurate as well as released in a timely manner

Remember. It’s you guys who promised better and improved communication. About time that promise was fulfilled


Well if the top 10-15 factions say that they refuse to take part in woc without adequate information, it’ll be provided. But we know they won’t say it right lol
Similarly they have enough bargaining power with their significant spending to force actual positive changes in the game, but that’s again another thing which never seems to happen.


I take it to the team for clarification
Expect information like mars

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They are honestly just winging it with the whole game. Hence zero information and multiple fuckups.


They’re definitely just making it up as they go and that’s disappointing, makes me want to quit. Last WoC seemed to be taken more serious and even that lacked information but this is absurd.


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