Withering dead stash?

You value your items far to much if I’m correct to complete this stash requires 45000 coins or in lehmans terms well over £500 as you need to buy 5 big packs and a medium sized one .

Honestly you need to create a meeting and actually address the realistic values of items in your game. I mean half that stash is trash.and for that amount of money that is at minimum 1 months rent possible more in some places


Where in america would that be 2 months rent

I don’t know but considering the house I live in is 280 a month in the UK it’s close .

Not everything is about America you know .there is other countries. Let’s say Ghana that could be 5 months rent I don’t know


Scopely knows that whales will spend their bottom dollar on this stuff. So if a few casual spenders won’t buy it, the whales who invest a whole month’s rent on the game in just a few weeks will surely make up for it.

Not a single player in my group has ever looked at any of those gear stashes.

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Alright where in the UK lol.
Im genuinely looking for a place i can live that cheap

If they made their prices more realistic, they would have more people spending.

Jusy match VK prices.

We have places for rent for 450 he in WV, so he is accurate


Anything near an airport?

I dont live that way and i don’t know, but in the city i live in there is everything you could need. And it’s about 20-30 minutes to the airport depending on traffic

I dig it!! A cheap place would do great for me as i’m an air marshal and dont use the home all that much :sweat_smile:

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Wow… scopely has no shame

we actively encourage people not to buy crap like this… if you’re gonna spend spend wisely minimize what you can.


500 pounds is 693 dollars.

The state I live in that would cover about half a months rent. Most single bedroom apt. around here go for 1200-1600 a month. You guys are lucky.

Seriously who buys these things and can we get them the help they need. Scopely you are flat out insane for charging this kind of money.


Thats what im saying man lol, thats hella cheap rent

It varies from state to state. Apartments in ny cost much more than say west virginia. In Maryland where I live a one bedroom apartment goes for about 5 to 6 hundred a month. 1200 is brutal lol

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So funny that people will spend so much money for gear or toons and still lose to F2p players.

Ignoring the real crux of this post, and focussing on the issues of rent. As a Londoner, I can assure you there are plenty of cardboard boxes, park benches and crack dens with monthly rent levels less than this stash. If you want four walls and basic levels of human comfort, you won’t get much for £500

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I live in western maryland and a 1 bedroom is 750+ here, i pay a little over a grand for a 2 story 3 bedroom.

The fact that they’re unaware of what their items should be worth it just proof that they don’t have players on their development team who actually play this game in a sense like we do. Also I still want an explanation of what part IUGO play in the game?

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