With the onslaught of Faction Onslaught on the horizon post your predictions



Are you ready to get your Onslaught on? Ready or not here it comes. What will happen?

  • The most exciting event ever; puppies, kittens & rainbows for everyone.
  • The usual new rollout; minor glitches and unpredicted game play strategies that upset the slow thinkers.
  • The apocalypse; walkers overrunning the servers, constant crashes and game lockouts.

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Just another money grab feature to promote spending to be dominated by the top spending factions. Nothing new just a new way to get the important thing from the players their CASH!!!


The apocalypse is actually the usual… Fix your responses.


If the length of an Onslaught matchup is similar to beta, it can be a frustration and a huge money grab.

  • There are no tanks and extra energy can only be purchased. Whales gonna whale.
  • Inexplicably, you can still attack when dead. So there’s no strategy to coordinate attacks to eliminate dangerous people first, just smash all. On the flipside though, it gives people a chance to attack at a more slower schedule and not be worried about getting killed in the first minute.
  • Matches are declared back to back similar to war. Also similar to war, you’re facing war defenses. So basically to be successful you need to do your attacks throughout the whole event, with no auto-ing, during a workday.
  • Not sure if the issue with the less than full faction has even been discussed amongst Scopely, eventhough I posted about it on this forum. Basically, it seems like faction with less than 30 members have an advantage. If a faction has 27 people vs a 30 person faction, the 27 person faction can get points vs 30, while the 30 can get points vs only 27. So theoretically the 27 faction will win vs a 30, assuming both factions are knocked out (assuming winner is decided by points).
  • Hopefully the bug regarding team grade is fixed. Team grade is supposed to be your highest ever grade, but in beta I could change to a crappy defense and the team grade lowers too. Lower team grade means less points for the other faction.


Like I said… scopely Doesn’t care about feedback… beta is a fkin waste of time…what’s the point if our voices aren’t heard


If one faction has more members than the other, it should remove the weakest players from the larger faction to even up the numbers, so that the faction with smaller number of members does not have an unfair points advantage.

If the last point isn’t fixed then we are all going to be fighting teams of 1* toons and burts!



Prediction for the release


Beta events are usually much shorter, so that players don’t need to spend a long time in Beta regions to engage and try an upcoming feature, allowing us to gather performance data for a higher volume of onslaught matchups.

Regular Onslaught events will be longer than Beta.

The displayed team grade will adjust to reflect the currently set defense team, but the MULTIPLIER (also shown on the main match screen for each opponent) is based on the highest ever team grade, and will not change if you set a weaker team.

Regarding cases where a faction is smaller than its opponent, it’s true to say the more populated faction will have a slight advantage, as they will have more attacks, and lives at their disposal. To tackle this, you can of course acquire additional Onslaught Energy, but we simply invite you to grow your faction and recruit new members to be fully geared for war! :slightly_smiling_face:


any idea what the rewards will be? please be anniversary tokens. im 75 off… i neeeeed magna


What he said


I’m glad the multiplier doesn’t change, that’s great.

Regarding the smaller faction, I’m not sure how many attacks you get cause it changed a bunch in beta, but if you get 8 attacks and everyone gets 4 lives, 1 faction member can take out 2 of the other team so I’m not sure if a more populated faction is an advantage. There’s no point in having more attacks if there is no one to attack.

But we’ll see tomorrow.




Even more P2W version of war… if you dont spend you basically have no chance against a faction that does.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: good answer


Existe un bono por destruir a todos los miembros de una facción lo cual automáticamente asegura tu victoria


i have a feeling there are going to be a lot of double KOs on the top factions.

What it comes down to in that case, is which side has the overall cumulative battle bonuses.

I’ll be looking forward to this mode but i feel that the lesser active factions will dread this when over half their faction aren’t on or haven’t been on for a while.


Yeah bro prizes are gonna be bloody shirts for everyone


Just another scopely cash grab … another worthless addition to the game to appease the spenders … litterly at this point scopely does not care about anybody but the whales


Actually thinking about it, now the top facts like notorious and etc. can match each other easily. AKA scopely gonna make banks


This will only happen if rewards are good and worth the time and money. If its some silly rewards then there is no point to spend.