With the constant Flow of Level ups Scopely we demand the following to keep competitive

Please add more suggestions to this topic guys on whats best moving forward with the never ending level ups. please don’t bogged down with the other stuff guys as it will get flagged or ignored

With constant level ups almost daily and it being the “go to” event if war has been cancelled (Example this weekend) we are finding it more and more difficult to proceed further in the game. to the point that you are actively outsourcing your customer base resources … (you may think to make us spend more) but in fact this is not true

if we were to buy offers or bags with gear etc we are NOT guaranteed to get the item we need and in 99% of the cases they do not drop for us making it a wasted purchase pushing more and more players to Not spend.

The Ultimate gear weekday map is welcome BUT it shouldnt have replaced the farmable gear maps. We get 4 days to get the gears from them BUT they are not farmable. so in 1 week we are guaranteed if we finish to get 4/6 of gears that are usually needed for a tier upgrade on a toon.


This needs to be rectified as you just push players who compete on a regular basis or spend to not be active during a certain event

With that, we get a week full of level ups, to end the week on a faction level up where most will push very hard to help themselves and teammates. We were expecting war this weekend which would also help build up our resources with basic tokens and or aden/burt crates etc etc

Now we understand war has been cancelled the replacement events are a faction Survival road and a solo level up, which is ok, the SR we can build up some resources but with everyone being capped at level 125, the SR is almost useless nowit has taken the fun away from really grinding it.

Then the real problem, many players would have pushed their resources during the ongoing faction level up which had NO badge milestones yet you will actively release a new solo level up where 2 million is the latest milestone for the maximum badges. This is CRAZY, what does this actually say to us the consumers of your game???

Should we NOT bother with faction level ups just incase theres better rewards coming in the next event??? when does that end though, you could literally see us players say, “i will leave this event as theres surely going to be a better event with better rewards next time” they wait and then the next event is still poor and so on until that player just feels like not bothering anymore.


one more suggestion, please add a furnace building or something to the town map so we can burn our wood supplies without having to use materials etc

constantly having to deplete wood supplies to stop the warning message popping up would help us tremendously

OR EVEN BETTER, let us remove the warning about wood materials being full

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I have been saying for months how I do not understand why everyone wants faction level ups. They consistently offer the absolute worst rewards out of every event. The solo events by far offer much better rewards if you are able to finish top 100.

I had Rick on Sat. Already turned in 14 sets of badges. I am lucky that I can completely sit this solo event out. The only thing I like is that they are removing the rng bags and boxes. At least this way when you see the gear you need you can go for it and not have to suffer rng. If nothing being offered is essential at the moment know that it’s okay to sit one out. We do not have to participate in every event. Trust me you will feel so much better once you can accept that.

i also prefer the non rng bags but unfort faction level ups are just what we do, wish we could sit them out but many hold off for just them

Don’t forget war has also been an avenue for players to stock up on cans - war, raid and world.

Now with the return of a war drought, and weekly ‘farmable’ (my ass) gear map and RTP maps to complete almost every day - expect even quicker burning of world cans.

If you’re in a top 3 team I guess there is no choice and that’s why I will never join one. I like choices. When I see the top 25 rewards basically the same as the top 10 I give my players the option to sit it out. This way you don’t burn people out and you do not waste resources on garbage rewards. If someone needs the milestones they are free to go for it. There is a level up every other day. No one needs to win them all. When the rewards justify the effort we will go after it. When they keep offering up garbage there is no reason at all to fight for them.

yeah i miss those days but im in two different factions in the same region, one is the number one, the other is number three ranked, i can use my second to jump in any faction, im friends with everyone basically as im an old git and dont have harbouring jealousy or hurt people just out of competitiveness so i can have a busy event in one place and a cool down on my 2nd on the same event…

the main thing was at the time of the faction level up is the 550 tokens at the end. We want our players to have the extra 5 pulls for rick if they are going for him (i personally had him from token crates etc) but we push for each other. also the ones who have him may get a canteen or gps from stash etc to help better their roster.

we try and keep them all progressing but not knowing if the nex event is gonna be worth it or its going to replace a war and demand 2 million milestones for the badges is crazy

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I wish you good luck. My faction mates are what is keeping me motivated to play as well. I war long after I hit my milestones to help get them to 100k as well for an example.

Two million is way too much to ask for any time. I don’t care that they increased the points for leveling up. If it were once or twice a month for an amazing reward like an ascendable p2p toon then I would be all for it. But for one crappy piece of t4 gear, they can get bent and on top of it, there is one running just about every day. It’s insanity.