With new AI a suggestion

I am sure people have mentioned this. I apologize if it is redundant. But so far, and I was very fortunate to discover myself as I got Ajax from war token right when AI started, if you use a shield on your attack team you will do much better with the new AI around. People in my faction have started doing this as I suggested and they are telling me that they are also doing much better than before. I am running taunt and stun resist with reflect mod to cancel out those nasty guardians. And since doing this I am even winning against top 10 people in my region. Your shield doesn’t even have to work with your team. Just have high defense and hp. Top right mod defense who they are weak against. Having the shield there is so the rest of your team can work their magic. Nothig else.

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It’s the old catch-22, most of the people who need a shield on attack dont have one and the people who dont have 10.

Using a shield on attack has been around for the better part of this year.l since the Alice and Diego inception.

Starting to be less common against the turn 1 and turn 2 active skills though.

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