With few options, top faction hogged SR rewards


I didn’t touch the event, but with no other option for medals, my faction took most of the places.

What will happen? More resentment towards us on our region because people are just trying to advance and had no other way.

I personally would have liked those medals to go to other factions with active players, but the reality is on my region so many people quitting that you can’t even plan that out.

Right now it’s basically anyone alive, goes for top 10 and can easily place if they are in a top faction.

That’s a sad deathmarch IMO, not to mention if all 30 of us went for the medals, we’d lock out everyone


Are you looking for a medal or something?


Sounds like he got medals already


His main point is actually they are wining cause everyone else quit. That is actual meta of the game, crumbling.


Well solo sr is just cash, there isn’t much option to find cans and hoard. Also last one was giving crappy rewards so I have no idea who was competing, I stopped after bronze. But yes consolidation in first cycle includes 4-5 factions, remember there is second cycle, third one is lol


I’m not really doing causation, just “here are the symptoms”