With all these missions with level upgrades. What happens when we hit level 200

As most players addicted, they’re probably already over half way to level 200 … the new end level cap.

Having a week where we were asked to level up twice for an L twice in 1 week. That’s 4 levels in under 7 days

I’m just wondering will there be something put I place rather than a l letter in the shop to combat this problem that will hinder a players progress in these missions

I believe it just autocompletes like the “watch 3 ads” mission


Oh no, another gate…now they gonna patch that asap and reset all accounts.

Ask this guy…But then again I bet he has princess by now.


S18+?? Wow. Lol

Not hard I’m S18+ and James makes me look F2P lol

That’s not even the max team grade, the max currently is s18++

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Not trying to put this guy on blast was just talking about his player levels.

Because when it affects less than 250 people, Scopely doesnt care. There must be over 250 that this affects…being sarcastic here btw, since every time a gate or something stupid happens they spew that number out…

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