Wish we had a way to have a slight preview of the enemy in raids


Ever since I had to restart, I’ve lost many raids because of surprise legendaries.
I run all blues, so entering a raid and finding out this “A+” team has bezerker Romanov, it’s quite annoying.


Build a better team


Thank you for your helpful reply.
Of course I am, but when he whacks T3 level 70 epics for 1k damage, it’s a problem.


Well, you will be dealing with that problem until you build a better team.


Defending is hard. So let’s make it harder by taking away the elements of surprise? Don’t think it’ll catch on.


Doesn’t have to be an entire description of the team.
Something like it saying the team has:
Epic, Epic, Epic, Legend, Epic.
or at least fix the whole teamgrade issue thing.
No way in hell is a team with a hard-hitting legend like Romanov A+.



it tells you their rank, reputation, faction straight up.

If that isn’t enough for you then: click on their profile and see their win rate, level, and presitge .

All that info together should tell you whether you might be better to skip this fight.

If that isn’t enough you just have to accept that you win some you lose some.


I fights lots of bots, too.
What about those?


Either skip them, or take your chances


Fair enough. I appreciate the help.


Running all blue is dangerous. Mix in some reds for a little diversity. Work on some melee. Later on, mix ranged and melee. You need to adapt to stay alive. Keep at it. Don’t rely on just one raid and defense team. Change it up on occasion.


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