Winter Wheel question


Probs will go unanswered because scopely communicating anything with fans is non existent (plz dont take this post down because of that 1 true comment) So I’m just wondering if there’s any actual reason to up the tokens for a pull to 120 I assume the scaling will be the same in rewards we’ll still get like 10 or 20 tokens for placing top 20 in crw


It’ll be like last time. You’ll get 60 from the first war and then 20 from the second war. If we’re lucky they’ll sell us the rest for $29.99 so we can do one pull and get a double. Wooooooo I can’t wait to be disappointed and pushed closer to quitting the game


You get 15 with each toon in museum, so you keep up with milestones in SR, lvl up, and raid for 2 weeks get all 3 dwight, maggie, knox, and additionally 45 tokens.


Who says we gonna have enough events or gloves to get all 3 and them giving 45 tokens doesn’t really mean it should be raised to 120 it defeats the purpose of giving 45 which isn’t even half of 100


For those willing to feed Scopes whatever the necessary amount, the number is irrelevant. Then they come on here to tell you how ‘gud’ they are. Ok, we all believe you :crazy_face::roll_eyes:


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