Winter Tokens AOW

Soooooo , suffice it to say that we aren’t the strongest faction , my faction that is , but we are decent , came in 7th this war , Which was satisfying, however can someone please for the love of god tell me what I am supposed to to with these 40 “Winter Tokens” , will we get a chance to obtain more oooooor what I hold for more likely , do we need to pay to top it up ? In all honesty 40 winter tokens for Rank 7 in war is a tad meager @JB.Scopely

I got 7th too. You can get 15 from each mitten collection, so 45 total from all 3 characters. Then you can also get more tokens in the upcoming Winter Event/Assaults. Or gear. Choice is yours

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You will get more chances for them but trust me if your pull is anything like mine they aren’t worth it


You can exchange them for depot points or as Scopely probably wants you to do, make it rain money in their office and buy more winter tokens.

Hey, at least you’ve got this to look forward to!


Nice Benedict bro


Id prefer a straight up Benny, less of a slap in the face

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U didnt miss out on anything special i stayed on all weekend just to get a fukn harlan. Good way to reward the players who actually grind.

Guy from my faction that was barley on got McKenzie…im speechless.


Yup at least Bennie can also give decent points when leveling a 6* and he doesn’t come with a the disappointment

So many 5* tokens unused…why you keep them? You could ascend 1 character without using benedicts. Do you think wheel will be better?

I have bennies no need for em now just hoarding them until a new wheel comes out , if it ever does come

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Could be worse i guess :man_shrugging:


Not to bad indeed !

WE came 5th with 50 tokens.

Well, i bough a few promos to get RTS coin’s (got 2 revive carl’s from the rts) and got first place on war so i opened 2 Winter tokens and guess what?
2 crap toon’s.
Blue ezekiel
Red Harlan

Could be worseCapture%20_2018-12-17-04-41-36 junk when he was a promo what 6 months ago and now even more outdated junk. 85ap in a mete shifting to 56ap. Helps me absolutely not 1 bit.




Got Michonne blue

could of been worse, i already have him so thats a big negative for me. but whatevs


Lacerator, maie a decent bleed team and youll be walking over those extra hp teams in no time…