Winter Token Rewards Random Characters Bug

After saving up my winter tokens for a final pull I eagerly anticipated what might appear and brighten my day. Enough tokens for 4 pulls and this is what I get.

There is something seriously flawed with the supposed randomness of what toons you get. Something very very wrong. So much so that I feel like quiting. And just for a final kick in the nuts I did a 10 pull on walker tokens, all 4*…


Man that sucks sorry. Definitely a decent reason to rage quit. RNG is such BS. :-1:


Three Harlans. Poor you.

I got them too


I had 4 pulls (my last done today) in this shitty wheel too and got 5 star Harlan & 6 star Harlan as well.
Decided to take a break from the game cuz it really just wastes your time with pulls like these.
WHY DESIGN SUCH SHITTY TOONS? At least tweak them. But they don’t play their game, don’t even test their premier hence why they come out bugged lol

2nd :confused:

I got blue zeke not dupe but i’m not happy, i want mackenzie or violet :frowning:

I’d have quit after 3 Harlans.

I pulled 3 winter Michonne… Outdated and useless character

One of my faction mates did 4 pulls overall. 3 were winter Michonne. Hmmmm…

I’ve done 9 pulls now, trying to get disarm Michonne, I got

2 x Harlan
1 x Richard
2 x Alpha
2 x Winter Michonne
1 x Winter Shiva
1 x Dante

All of them dupes & only one in the 6 star version.

I did one pull and got 6* Davie

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