Winter Token Pull Display Bug

@JB.Scopely I’m really hoping you or someone else can help me here. I am definitely not a-moo-sed. This bug is udderly ridiculous!

Here’s what happened:

  1. We finished 2nd in war, so after war I had 100 Winter Tokens
  2. Today, an offer for 20 Winter Tokens, 1000 5* Tokens, 1000 4* Tokens, and 1000 4* Weapon Tokens for $1.99 came up and I bought it.
  3. This gave me enough to do a pull from all 4 of these. I went to Recruits --> Tokens
  4. Went to 4* weapons and pulled. Clicked the left arrow to get to 4* recruits.
  5. Pulled 4* recruits. Clicked the left arrow to get to 5* recruits. Here I pulled Ellen. It was the first Ellen I’ve gotten since I sold my maxed one forever ago.
  6. Clicked the left arrow twice to get to winter tokens. Did my pull ANNNDDDD…


You can tell it’s from the Winter Token pull because of the background.

As you already know, but I’ll add just for posterity. Ellen is not a possible option from the Winter Token wheel as only 6* or 5* ascendables are in the wheel.

I have already sent a support message, but I’m sure it will take them 4 days to get back to me with a form response saying nothing is wrong.

How do I go about getting my winter tokens back so I can get an actual pull? I’d also take the blue Michonne if it’s easier. :wink:

Thank you in advance for any help you can give.


You’ve just uncovered Ellen as a secret new ascendable. That or it was a visual glitch and you have a new ascendable somewhere in your roster or there is a bug or Scopely is being the Grinch.


Thanks for the heads up here, one to keep looking at indeed.

Support’s response time is up to 24 hours, so it should definitely land before your expected time :wink:
Once they reach your case, they shall refund you accordingly - providing the above is all confirmed.

On my side, I will give visibility to this one to our design folks so they can make sure no unintended character has slipped through the wheel.


I checked that already as I really hoped that was the case. No new ascendables, but 2 Ellens for the first time in over a year.


Thank you JB. I don’t think it’s that an unintended character slipped through the wheel. I think this is a bug propagated by the fact that I used the arrows from 5* pull to Winter Token pull. Something about the randomizer not being reset and giving me the exact same character again. I’d be willing to be it’s repeatable for your devs.

I’ll wait to hear from support and I really hope they’re more helpful than they’ve been with any other issue I’ve had in the past. I will keep you updated with what happens.


Ouch! Hope you get this bs sorted promptly, and let’s hope support can actually do something without it taking a week to respond

Wow, crazy stuff.


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This is the same support that has done nothing over someone scoring 86 billion in war somehow? Don’t hold your breath

Vote Ellen for the 2019 ascendable list


Ellen was the shit back in the day.
Nowadays? She IS shit.

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this ever get worked out?

Same guy scored 85 billion on raid event to. So yeah good luck getting anything out of support.

don’t go to that region.

That right there is why factions should be penalized for their members cheating. It’s not like they can say they didn’t know.


Scopely at it again. Also, mooooo

True, but could they actually have done anything about it?


Yes cause it was not a faction event and could have kicked them. Instead they keep them there and with faction events this weekend they will continue to collect rewards they didn’t earn. That’s what kills regions and eventually the game. #fixthisgame!!

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Commenting so I can keep track of this thread.

Very keen to see how this plays out for you. Outlined perfectly so should be a simple refund of tokens.

Waiting for the update.

Support will turn this around on him somehow. It’s what they’re best at. And once they make it his fault they don’t have to do anything about it.


That’s not from raids. That’s the same screen shot as the war one

And it’s 85 million. There’s even a M at the end