Winter Token Pull #1 Video - What Will Be This Survivors Fate?

Time for a new survivor to join the fray and depending on if it’s something good or bad will decide the outcome of this survivors life… Will it be The Hammer? The Axe? Liquid Acid??? Or is this the one that makes it through the gauntlet?

How did you all do with your first Winter Token Pull?

5* Koa im happy

Yvette Nicole Brown, Sophia and xmas zeke.


2 Yvettes and Winter RIchard. Disappointed to say the least.

5☆ yellow michonne

First was Dante, really happy. Second was a goddamned Harlan, totally useless…

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5 star Davie and 6 star Sophia were mine (Someone said Vitality was bad, that is false).

This wheel ■■■■■■■ sucks. Got a duplicate winter micchone and 2 winter shivas.

Harlan and Winter Shiva…so crap


Winter Shiva winter Michonne and Kenzie

Anyone else get any good pulls (yes I can use any thread to do this and I choose this one. Seems the most recent)?

5* David…perhaps the toon I wanted least

Davie…thanks autocorrect

See Id like Davie I’ll give you a dupe Yvette. I also got winter zeke meh.


Koa, Dante, Davie, Harlan and Bluechonne - almost cried when I pulled that last one

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Those are some awesome pulls.

TY, just added another 6* Davie (all previous 5* pulls). Will have one final pull when we finish current FA

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They took sweaters out of FA rewards :frowning:

got two 6* Aris… even tho I already have two of her