Winter Token event thought

How you guys think about Winter token event?

It needs 120 token for 1 pull…

can f2p guys pull it before it ends?

well, we will get richard for sure tho lol.

maybe the real rate is …
70% : Dup toon.
20% : Halan / Richard / Aris / Alpha
8% : Decent toon + Winter edition except Richard
2% : Disarm chonne, Koa, Dante


It’s doubtful without having to pay if you aren’t a top 3 faction

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Scopely will give everyone 120 tokens on Christmas Day.

Make it happen Scopes, instill some goodwill with your player base.


well…If i dont get f2p toon im happy…(btw i cant get dupe bcs i dont have anyone from here)

I highly doubt we’ll (f2p) get 1 pull let alone multiple!!! Just another p2p event just like everything else in this turd hole ie unlucky tokens, Victory tokens aka Vomit tokens. We’ll all bust our butts off for some measly supply points. They’ve done nothing to show us other wise. Players first :rofl::rofl: only if you’re :money_with_wings:2p

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Funny :smile:

Remember the days when you could do simple raids for enough dropped tokens to do multiple pulls for all good toons, and a chance a premiere shields (telltale 1st token wheel)

$copley’s greed creep is real.

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The tease is on if you manage to get all the mittens collection youl have 35 to try make us coin, as use we have no answers from the games forum here be to much like doing work.
Then there’s crw war coming next i think which is more than likely give out low amounts like victory tolkens. It would be nice if everyone got a free pull but Ebenezer scopley hasn’t been visited by the 3 ghosts of gaming trading and standards yet.

if it’s going to be like the victory token event, I will not get any pulls. o_0

45 for free? 15 per collection.

It’s a month long, so suspect we’ll get them from one AOW and one CRW. Assuming a similar level of reward as “Up yours” tokens most will probably still be short of a pull without spending.

Unless 120 are our login reward for 25th Dec (@JB.Scopely make it happen :wink:)

Flying pigs pulling Santa’s sleigh this year be more likely

I think a free pull will be given the 25th december but the odds will be awful as always

This really is a terrible holiday event. High milestone placement for 3 really crappy toons and another p2p garbage wheel unless you’re in a top two faction. Even then because of how the wheels are stacked the majority of players won’t get anything good.

I busted my butt on the last wheel and all I got was a dupe. Could care less about any of this. You know the saying, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thrice…

Zero chance of that happening. ZERO!

It’s a guaranteed ascendable or 6★…

if we need 120, less 45 from museum, normal terms set around 60 from war, then they will give us 14, and sell the final one for 100 bucks

and we get red gov as the pull

Solange is our Xmas gift.
If anyone thinks they’ll be giving more than this then please, share the good shit you’re on.:herb::laughing:

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More Harlan will drop, unlike Dante, 6* or not

120 tokens. 12 days of Christmas? 10 a day? Unlikely I know, but just maybe scopley have been visited by the ghosts of gates gone, gates now and gates yet to come.

The second I saw Richard in the wheel I said fuck it.

Got 3 Red Richards last wheel of shit, don’t care about this one at all.

If I get enough for a pull… cool, I’ll pull.

If it’s Red Dick again I may have a rage meltdown.

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